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Moving From FileNet to the Cloud


Moving From FileNet to the Cloud?

With an increasing number of organizations migrating from legacy FileNet systems to the cloud, it’s crucial to understand the most effective migration methodologies, tools, and best practices for planning a successful migration project. 

An effective migration requires the right tools to map, migrate, audit, and validate the migration from start to finish in an automated, secure, and flexible way.

When you start to prepare your cloud migration project, there are a range of questions you need to consider. Including:

  • Why migrate from legacy FileNet to the cloud?

  • What challenges are we trying to solve?

  • What benefits are we hoping to achieve?

  • What information should we migrate, and in what order?

  • What kind of external support will we need?

  • And many others… 

Approaching a legacy migration project can feel overwhelming, but with the right cloud migration partners, you can answer these questions and embark on a successful cloud migration.

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